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We celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Casali Viticultori Pra di Bosso line.

Casali Viticultori celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Pra di Bosso line, presenting the new arrival at Vinitaly 2023: the Pra di Bosso Noir.

1973-2023: 50 years of history Pra di Bosso, the iconic line of the Casali Viticultori selection, is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of its history this year, which began with Lambrusco Secco in the 1970s together with the production of the first Classic Method of Emilia-Romagna. There is no company in the Emilia area that can boast of having bottled a line that is still on the market 50 years ago.

Vinitaly 2023 will therefore be an opportunity to toast this important milestone at the stand (Pad.1 – Stand A2-B1) on Monday 3 April at 11.30 a.m.

During the event, the new arrival of the Pra di Bosso line will also be presented: Pra di Bosso Noir, a sweet Lambrusco Reggiano DOC, born to enhance the ampelographic heritage of Reggio, in particular of the Ancellotta vine, a variety often vinified with Lambrusco grapes.

“The name Pra di Bosso recalls the ability of this wine to draw boundaries. The boxwood plant was in fact used to mark the end of one vineyard and the beginning of another. This is how Pra di Bosso still behaves today, remaining the unique and incomparable term of comparison for the production of the classic Lambrusco Reggiano“ explains the President of Casali Viticultori Davide Frascari, and Emilia Wine Group, and Enoteca Regionale.

„The potential of this wine is enormous: we must think of it as one new sparkling experience. Lambrusco is a low-alcohol, sparkling wine with excellent acidity, the perfect partner for modern Italian cuisine. To approach this type of cuisine you need an equally clean, fresh wine that can satisfy the palate and Lambrusco is perfectly suited to the case. Today is finally the ideal time to make all its potential known“