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Et però credo che molta felicità sia agli homini che nascono dove si trovano i vini buoni. (But I believe that much happiness comes to men born where the wine is good.)
Leonardo Da Vinci

Savouring wine is not simply a matter of sipping a pleasant tasting wine which tickles your taste buds and gets you in a good mood. Savouring wine is a journey in which you explore a land, meet people and experience traditions. Reawakening memories. There’s history, art, culture and wisdom in a glass of wine. The aromas of the land, the flavour of its fruits, the passion of its people. The colour of its yearnings… Wine, in all its forms, connects up images, narratives and memories. Sharing this is EWH’s goal, the magazine which tells of Emilia Wine’s world. A place where wine is made, journeys are sketched out and results come in. A home which welcomes people in and makes hospitality a growth project. For everyone. Welcome to Emilia Wine Home, Emilia Wine’s very own home.

Marco Fasoli
Emilia Wine S.c.a. Managing director