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‘We consider ourselves lucky to live in a place like this, a place which has given us the chance to learn the value of simplicity in action and the responsibility to work hard and with passion day after day.’

Identity, a sense of belonging, sharing values and a code of ethics governing our work and the behaviour of our staff. These are the foundations the Emilia Wine Group’s mission and business growth is being built on. We believe that our identity depends strongly on our surroundings, on the area and community we live in and which we interact with every day. A powerful sense of belonging to this land is therefore hugely important to us and we are certain that our future depends on our ability to prioritise the custodians of our expertise.
The farmers, certainly, but also the sector operators we share a work ethic based on honesty, respect and responsibility with. As well as fun and good company.

Marco Fasoli
Emilia Wine’s Commercial Manager