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The Etichetta D’Oro award at Migliolungo

The awards handed out at the last edition of Vinitaly Design International Packaging Competition, which took place last 11tJune 2021 at Veronafiere, included the Migliolungo label.. This historic Emilia Wine group wine won the Etichetta d’Oro in the ‘DOP and IGP semi-sparkling wines’ category.

Lambrusco Migliolungo was created in 2002 on the strength of a partnership with Istituto di Istruzione Superiore “A. Zanelli” in Reggio Emilia with a view to safeguarding and passing on historic grape varieties which are gradually disappearing.. Migliolungo is a unique wine because it is a combination of 21 grape varieties, a homage to biodiversity expressed in a recently artistically reworked label which illustrates all the wine’s many souls.